Consultation with purchase activities of European companies, which do not buy directly yet in the Far East, with emphasis:

  • Switching of competent asiatic suppliers with a balanced price
  • Switching of reliable asiatic suppliers who are well-known
  • Assistance with the selection of new, progressive products of the homes electronics world
  • Organization of journeys to China and attendance of suppliers
  • Assistance with all license problems and import regulations, which exist at importing products to Europe
  • Creating of packing layouts, warranty maps and manuals (OEM/ODM)
  • Quality of products are tested in China before export to Europe
  • Assistance with contacts with authorities, Industry in China
  • Assistance with the production of letters of credit, International credit transfer
  • Assistance with the selection of assembly companies in Europe (LCD-TV assembling)
  • Entire import completions, Project-related
  • Switching and proposalsolution for service problems in Europe, warranty completions etc.
  • Direct supplier negotiations on behalf of the European importer

Switching of services in Germany of any kind, with emphasis:

  • Caretaker service
  • Cleaning service
  • Real estate property administration
  • Industrial safety examinations
Consultation with license questions in the Consumer electronics
  • Macrovision
  • Sisvel
  • Philips
  • Thomson
  • MPEG 4
  • DivX
  • MP3
  • DTS
  • AC3
  • Dolby Digital
Petro Tyschtschenko