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Due to our well established Asian Manufacture channels you are now able to trade directly with Asia. We take care of all purchase related issues therefore you can participate in our well established channels with a minimized risk. We open up a direct purchase channel for you thus both parties are contracted directly. We take care of all purchase related issues to guarantee a smooth purchase process. Our office in Hong Kong maintains the close relationship to our Asian Manufactures and supports a careless purchase process for you. The trade process is very easy:

Our Team in Hong Kong searches the Asian Manufacture Market continuously to find the best Hardware Manufactures for you.

We offer a firm portfolio of hardware goods but we certainly enlarge our product range according to your wishes. If your purchase decision is made we enable a direct contact to the Asian Manufacture. You can negotiate the final terms of conditions directly with the Asian Manufacture. After the price is fixed you are able to conclude an agreement directly. If required Power Trading certainly supports you during the whole process.

For your convenience we certainly take care of every trade related issue. As you can see we enable convenient direct trade with minimum risk and excellent purchase prices!

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